Inspiration: Art


by Jamie Tao 6

Quiet | Doodlers Anonymous

If I had to guess, I would say that Christina Vantzou is a thoughtful person, with a gentleness that exudes from her. I don't know her personally but that is the exact feeling I get when I look at her work. Simple. Delicate. Luscious.


  1. love these... really great.... they show you that it doesn't take much to make something really beautiful

  2. The minimal line and color says a lot. I agree that her style implies a quiet spirit.

  3. sat and looked at these for a long time. super inspiring.

  4. Sweet, it's Cocker!

  5. love the simplicity and soft colors. I think I fell in love with the cute pink cloud in the bottom doodle. <3

  6. wow those eyes... :)

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