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A Dream of Beauty and Balance

by Jim Bradshaw 10

A Dream of Beauty and Balance | Doodlers Anonymous

Kumi Obata's art appeals to me the way a beautifully crafted sketch does. Her etchings are a perfect balancing act between drawn doodle looseness and sophisticated, refined art. Rich in texture, line, and pattern, her work is no doubt influenced by the quiet beauty and tradition of her home country, Japan. The first day I happened onto her site, I felt like I was transported into someone else's dream and floated around from one beautiful scene to the next, not wanting to leave. A year and a half later, I still feel the same.


  1. really beautiful... so simple and poetic, love that they are etchings as well...

  2. Poetic is a very good word to describe Kumi's art. I like that. It would be fun to learn etching some day.

  3. I remember doing needle scratching on recycled soda can, just scratching out some drawing on the metal and then inking it and stamping it... I may be forgetting one or two steps, but I know there is a simple DIY way to do some fun etching like work. Worth experimentations I think.

  4. these are beautiful. i love the little spot of color in each piece, too.

  5. Really like these...

  6. wonderful and inspiring!

  7. i am amazed. simple, beautiful, poetic, poignant.

  8. Beautiful, precioso, me encanta!!

  9. wonderful

  10. The beauty and balance of your sketches remind me of something I read about in a new ebook that REALLY explains art and beauty, by Claudio Richerme ( is selling it)

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