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A Doodler's Doodler

by Jim Bradshaw 10

A Doodler's Doodler | Doodlers Anonymous

First off. Thanks DA for having having me for February, and OKAT for the really swell things you said. I will try my best to make this icy cold month all warm and bubbly on our insides.

Okay now to business. Maura Cluthe (aka: Fragmented) was easily the first artist that came to my mind to feature here. The first time I saw her stuff I was blown away. I instantly felt a kindred spirit and connection. She reluctantly agreed after much prodding (just kidding). Maybe it was the robots and monsters, or her eye grabbing textures or was it the hyperdoodles (as she calls them) or her expert design sense. I'm going to say it is all of that and more! Maura is the complete package. She just finished up a children's book titled It's Not Easy Being Brave that I can't wait to get my hands on. There are prints available at her online shop. Yay Maura!


  1. Great first post Jim, i like her doodles ....

  2. whoah! BIG thanks for the mention & kind words, Jim! i really love your work too and one of these days, we WILL collaborate on something! thanks again. i really appreciate it :)

  3. Dana - you did such a great job last month. Thanks for all the inspiration. Maura - You deserve it. We are kindred procrastinators too. LOL. But it will be sweet when we get it together.

  4. these are so good! i love it

  5. incredible! beautiful work.

  6. Hi Jim! good to see you here! Looking forward to your posts! :-)

  7. very inspiring work!

  8. I'm so excited that you guys are enjoying Maura's work. Diana: I didn't realize it was Diana Koene at first. Good to see you here too. I have always enjoyed your crazy people doodles. I was going to feature you until I saw that Jamie beat me to it.

  9. Her robots are so cute! I love her doodles!

  10. This work is soo good that it has depressed me beyond words.

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