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February's Guest Contributor:
Jim Bradshaw

by OKAT 16

February's Guest Contributor:Jim Bradshaw | Doodlers Anonymous

Jim Bradshaw will guest post for DA in the month of February. I could go on and introduce him to you in my own words, but I was lucky enough to discover that he can do it better than I could ever hope to, and in third person.

Jim lives in rural South Jersey. It's not all factories and jammed highways people. He has a wife, 3 kids, 2 cats and a Boston Terrier named Annabelle. During the day, he's an art director. In his real life, he draws, doodles, illustrates, carves, paints, photographs and does any other creative thing he can get his hands on. You will rarely find him without his moleskine. Drawing and doodling strange characters and made up worlds has been one of his favorites things to do since early childhood. It's not only his passion, it's his sanity.

Every word about himself is true. So many artists claim to never be without their sketchbook handy, but I don't even question that fact with Jim. His flickr site and blog are packed with spread upon spread of robots, rocket ships and odd characters. He does it daily, updates often, and fills every space with ink.

Welcome Jim, I am very much looking forward to your postings.

Above is a video for Canadian TV channel, where they commissioned Jim to do art that they then mapped onto the walls, floors and ceilings.


  1. OMG! Hello! Insane doodles! I really have the urge to pick up my pen now.

  2. welcome jim! looks like you'll fit right in here!

  3. I've been following your work on Flickr. I love your doodles!

  4. I love Jim B's stuff, matter of fact, I have one of his images tattooed on my arm.

  5. LOVE these doodles...I've seen your work in Mail Me Art. Love at first sight...

  6. Some of these creatures look like the monsters I used to have in my nightmares when I was little.. That's a good thing. That's incredible. Welcome, Jim! Can't wait to see what you post!

  7. Oh man! Thanks for the warm welcome and warm comments. I look forward to contributing here amongst the doodle lovers. What? A tattoo of my art? How cool! I would love to see how that turned out, Terry. And which piece you chose.

  8. JB- I'd be happy to send you a photo if you like.

  9. wahoo! we're in for a fun month! wonderful work as always, Jim!

  10. Terry - oh fun! My email is [email protected] Maura - thanks friend. [@[email protected]]/

  11. love this kinda stuff! good on ya

  12. Yeehaw! Jim rocks :)

  13. tyler and uberkraaft - thanks you guys. •__•

  14. Loving these doodles!!!! I'm a big fan!

  15. A great inspiration this work

  16. Outstanding work!!

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