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by OKAT 8

Monochrome | Doodlers Anonymous

There is no doubt that I love color. Just take a look around this website. It's filled to the brim with drawings using every color we can get our hands on. But there is something I find so damn powerful about an artist that can use one color to express what hundreds cannot.

And personally, I've always just picked up my favorite black pen and doodled my way through pages of scrap paper just because I found the effort to use color such a distraction. So it's true, I am biased. Here is a small collection of one-color drawings that have recently caught my attention.

Above by Aleksandra Kopff. You can find the rest here »

by wholewheattoast

by wholewheattoast

by Matthew Craven

by Nick Deakin

by withremote

by elotroctavio

by BrokenHorse

by Stuart_Adams

by Kyle Confehr

by zelig3


  1. Ah, the power of a bold, black can't be beaten!

  2. Great work, there is something to be said for black and white pictures. I get the same feeling for black and white photos. keep up the great work.Amazing imagination.

  3. I'm a huge fan of b&w art and photography too. Love the post, OKAT.

  4. Couldn't agree more. Nothing more beautiful than the simplicity of a line. Or a dot. Being a user of many colors, I do really appreciate the simplicity and boldness of black white , and everything in between. Great post.

  5. I love this, truly inspiring!

  6. Thanks for mention. Have to agree Black and White is the best.

  7. I love black and white doodles. Most of what I doodle tends to be black and white. Give me a Uni-Ball pen and a Moleskine and I am set. Just leave a little food and water by my door now and then.

  8. jizz

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