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Giveaway: Farofa Nation 'The Mind of Tao' Tee (Limited Edition)

by Jamie Tao 64

Giveaway: Farofa Nation 'The Mind of Tao' Tee (Limited Edition) | Doodlers Anonymous

Recently I was asked to design a t-shirt for Farofa Nation, a t-shirt company with a mission: to help the street kids of Brazil and lead them to a better life. I was happy to be a part of this collective who are simply good people with good hearts. (Read more about their mission here.)

The above is the t-shirt I designed for them and we are giving it away here at DA. It's a woman's tee (Boys, if you're interested, we don't discriminate.) printed on American Apparel, slightly sheer, sporty racerback.

Interested? All you have to do is leave a comment below and you are in the running. Comments will stay open until Thursday (the 28th @ 5pm EST) and then we'll randomly pull a name. Good luck.

We have our winner. Congratulations to Anika and thanks again to Farofa Nation for the great giveaway.


  1. Marvelous

  2. neato!!

  3. This is really beautiful! Great design work:)

  4. Love it!!!

  5. Nice. Would make a good gift.

  6. I love it!!

  7. simply awesome.

  8. inspiring. (like the whole website) <3 it

  9. My wife and I saw this shirt a few days ago and we both fell in love with it! So awesome!

  10. I love the doodle on this tank!

  11. this would be a great valentines gift

  12. It's really pretty

  13. Oh this is pure awesomeness, contained in a tank top. Must. Have. lol(:

  14. The swirls remind me of hair, balls of yarn, or the grooves on a seashell. It's pretty cool.

  15. COOL I WANT!

  16. rad.

  17. i love the idea of doodles on a shirt! this one is so pretty too.

  18. Great shirt and they've got a great logo, to boot. I'd be proud to wear it :) I'm excited to see what other shirts pop up on their site in the future.

  19. that is so cool~

  20. I love this website. And I love this t-shirt. My sister wants to be an illustrator, and she\'d deeply dig this shirt.

  21. That's so cool! Doing something you love to help others. I love this concept.

  22. Pretty!

  23. Ace!

  24. Nice one!

  25. Nice one!

  26. Great work! I love it!

  27. wow, that's so cool! great cause!

  28. It's worth it!

  29. Very nice!

  30. oooooooohhhhhh pretty!!!!

  31. LOVE : )

  32. I love the design! :D

  33. Very cool! i would love to wear it:)

  34. mrmphm.

  35. what an awesome shirt, please enter me!!

  36. Very very cool! I like it a ton. Awesome-riffic!

  37. soooo pretty! and i want it! =)

  38. The textile patter shown in this post...looks damn cool and stunning...Wearing this you would surely look superb.

  39. Fab fabbity FABULOUS! Let me be the lucky one!

  40. awesome

  41. This has my wife's name written all over it. Well, actually, it has a great doodle written all over it. Awesome shirt!

  42. give it to me, please.

  43. Geesh, not only is it a fan-freaking-tastic shirt, but the cause? It might just make this whole shirt thing a whole bunch better. (:

  44. this tshirt really appeals. it's innovative and fashionable. if it leaps off the person like it leaps off the page, i think it will be an endless conversation starter and a friend for years. kudos on this design. i luv it.

  45. oh, cool

  46. oh a pretty tshirt with a soul. I love that.

  47. can i have it? my girlfriend would love it =]

  48. great cause and a great shirt ^^ thanks for the chance!

  49. Most awesome indeed!

  50. Way to go simplicity!

  51. omg omg YES YES YES. those are the words i could only think of to describe the awesomeness of the giveaway

  52. i want it! i want it!

  53. Nice!!! Adorei!

  54. OoooOOOoo!

  55. This shirt surely catches peoples' eyes, a great and unconventional way of spreading the word about a great organization.

  56. sweet doodle, tee, and cause! i would proudly wear this!!

  57. I love it! I want it for my girlfriend. I'll color it in while she's wearing it.

  58. Thought it was a tattoo at first! Very sinuous.

  59. Gotta love the doodle.

  60. Def. unique. I dont think i would have the patients for a project like that. ;) Nicely done.

  61. I dig the Farofa Nation logo.

  62. Love the design!! You do such beautiful work! And since your mom and I are cousins, I think I should win! LOL!

  63. This shirt fights fascists.

  64. love it lots!

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