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The Wonderful World of Amelie Labarthe

by Dana Haim 7

The Wonderful World of Amelie Labarthe | Doodlers Anonymous

From the moment that I met Amelie in 2008 and saw her work, I knew I was hooked. Her whimsical and playful approach to her art and her life is endlessly inspiring. I was first introduced to her as my tutor from Central Saint Martins, where she always guided us to draw and doodle away because any doodle can become something so much more she would always say.

Her sketchbooks always amaze me because they are so filled with nostalgia, amazing colors, mixed materials and textures. Her brilliant doodles seem to glide right from her mind to the pages of these fun filled books. I really felt a strong connection to her work from the get go, a lover and collector of vintage toys, a textile artist, and oh so much more...

For more of Amelie's work check out her collaborative Puff n' Flock, a group of former MA CSM Textiles Futures women that joined forces and are now doing some really great work.


  1. Absolutely love this sketchbook.

  2. Lushiousness

  3. the colours arre so good ronny :()

  4. and THAT is what a sketchbook needs to look like. I LOVE IT!!!

  5. Can't stop studying every millimeter of it's deliciousness. Awesome!

  6. So awesome!

  7. aaah love it

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