Inspiration: Art

Get Technical

by Jamie Tao 7

Get Technical | Doodlers Anonymous

I, for one, am impatient and always in awe of those who have the ability to add endless amounts of beautiful detailing into a drawing. Check out the work of Oliver Van Der Lugt. He even uses nail polish as one of his tools.


  1. i really like the colors and detailing of the first drawing!

  2. WOW. They're all amazing.

  3. yes, amazing. sometimes i see things that inspire me...and then sometimes i see things that are so good in the way that i want to be good (like these), that i feel like maybe i should just pack it in...silly , i know...but....damn.

  4. .....

  5. Fantastic,excellent and amazing are the only words that come to my mind when I came across this post.

  6. The fifth picture is so insane, I love it!

  7. astonishing! Great work!

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