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Digital Doodles

by Dana Haim 4

Digital Doodles | Doodlers Anonymous

I came across these lovely digital doodles the other day, by Karla Sharin. I really like the pop culture/Indie music references and the soft hand that makes me wonder, are these really digital? And get this, she's only 17! Check out some more of her compu-sketches at:


  1. I can't believe these are digital....they're awesome. Nice find!

  2. Very nice digital doodles. The softness is probably due to a pressure-sensitive tablet...or ya never know, she could have varied the stroke color line by line.

  3. very talented work!

  4. Very nice work Karla! Being a frenchman I recognised Justice at first sight, with your beautifull firstname, you could be french too! ;)

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