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Something Will Happen

by OKAT 4

Something Will Happen | Doodlers Anonymous

When asked, Irena Zablotska defines her work as "elegant horror." I must admit it's the perfect description. She draws beautiful, floating characters that all seem to be hiding something, and it leaves you with a complete sense of foreboding when you take to examine the drawing more.

Another favorite thing of mine, is her statement that among other (more obvious) things, she draws much of her inspiration "in dreams that have not come true."

Get lost in her work as I have, and you will soon find yourself quite the fan of this Ukrainian born illustrator who also goes by the name of joulu.

As a side note, I first discovered Irena in July of 2007 when she posted this photo of a monster she painted on the door of a building.


  1. very interesting work ... i found myself concentrating on each picture for a few minutes -- very intriguing

  2. amazing drawings c:

  3. holy shit great stuff

  4. tan fastic

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