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January's Guest Contributor:
Dana Haim

by OKAT 6

January's Guest Contributor:Dana Haim | Doodlers Anonymous

I met Dana about four years ago through my sister. Although a bit younger than me, we shared a common interest in the creative, and for a short time, also a part-time studio space together. I quickly learned of her uncanny ability to sketch and doodle and fill the pages of every sketchbook she owns with a process and a purpose to make something beautiful.

She's currently working on her thesis project in London (an MA in textile futures) and the subject matter revolves around everything lace. I recently had the opportunity to see the pages of her studies and they very simply just made me smile. It also occurred to me that while deconstructing lace, Dana had made something I found so frilly and feminine and turned it into something new: full of color, dimension and shadows.

The following is a glimpse of some scans and photos that she could send me from her current location. We'll get more of her work and everything that inspires her over the next few weeks, as she'll be our guest blog contributor for the month of January.

Welcome Dana to DA, and also take some time to visit the blog she shares with some friends about glitter and everything nice (The Glitter Trail).


  1. Hooray! Welcome, Dana!

  2. Thanks! so happy to be here..x

  3. whoopee wow wow!

  4. Bienvenidos, Shalom! I think your owl is staring at me...Hoot Hoot!

  5. i love the detail on her drawings! Reminds me of tiny bits of pretty tiles!

  6. nice

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