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The Effects of Too Much Television and Coffee

by Jamie Tao 3

The Effects of Too Much Television and Coffee | Doodlers Anonymous

John Malta has quite an imagination on him. His cat drawing was one of the first submissions we received for our DA Coloring Book and for us, it was an instantaneous love - monstrous at first glance but you can't help but find him endearing (the cat, not the artist). After checking out more of his work, my first impression was proven right. Everything becomes love at first sight. Take a look at his composition book. Your jaw will drop, you'll wish you could have these pages in the palm of your hands to really take in the details. It's pages filled with different colored papers, rips, cutouts, tape, and layers and layers of everything that's true and good about spontaneous art. It reminded me very much of Ted McGrath and his sketchbook. And that's damn good company to be in.

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  1. quite amazing! Thumbs up!

  2. Great find Jamie. I am feeling the need to be more spontaneous now. Can't wait to get off work and start chucking stuff on paper.

  3. Yeah, i likey, very clever, i am jealous...

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