Inspiration: Videos


by Jamie Tao 5

We apologize for the lack of updates this week. We have been immersed in Art Basel goodness.

For now, immerse yourself in this video. It makes absolutely no sense. Lots of morphing of creepy creatures and shapes and colors. The visuals are crazy cool and that pretty much gets the job done for me right now. (Drawings and music by Chad Vangaalen)


  1. If my brain was on a bad trip and sniffed Sharpies and barfed, this is what would come out of its mouth.

  2. Cool! What Art Basel events will you all be at tonight? I'll be around.

  3. The vid by Chad Vangaalen is fantastic!

  4. I'm a new fan of this site, is really inspiring! makes me want to draw and make things non-stop! and this last video is beautiful, like those sweet lsd dreams :) *** Marianissima

  5. how beautiful! i'm going to send this to everyone!

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