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Workshop Workshop

by OKAT 6

Workshop Workshop | Doodlers Anonymous

Last night I went to Design Miami (the sister show of Art Basel Miami) and after a few glasses of champagne, I stumbled upon this booth called The Brief and Happy Life of Workshop Workshop. Inside were a group of strangers surrounding a table with markers and papers lying all over it. The folks inside were doodling away and asking passerbys to join in. And so I did.

It was so nice to just sit around and draw with like minded people. Every so often someone came around and gathered the sheets of paper, photocopied them, and started binding them into a zine to giveaway. It was fun all around. Hello to everyone that was there last night.


  1. looks like good fun...

  2. This sounds like fun-- I want to participate in a happening like this! Workshop Workshop, come to Austin!

  3. or come to Oslo....?

  4. i see freegums, man i havent had a chance to go anywhere ive been busy painting walls.

  5. Aw man, I'm in Miami and I missed this session. Spent the evening walking around the Design District instead. Lots of cool art stuff going on there, but I doubt I'll find another drawing workshop.

  6. That looks SO awesome :)

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