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Baby, Baby, Baby

by Jamie Tao 0

Baby, Baby, Baby | Doodlers Anonymous

Vanesa Fernández and Aldo Chaparro realized there is an audience craving something fun, contemporary, edgy and bold so they created the Mexican magazine BabyBabyBaby and decided to launch it as a biannual project.

"There's very little planning for every issue, in the sense that we don't make a storyboard or layout of the magazine. We kind of think that that would kill the nonchalant spirit of it. We like to think that it's the kind of magazine that happens when a group of friends get together after school and put together pages from their diaries, poems and friends photos and drawings in a sort of scrapbook, pasted up with everything that inspires them, reflecting their personality, their innocence, their way of seeing life." (Quote by Carlos Carbajal, PR Manager)

I am so glad this magazine exists.


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