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Junk Doodle/uberkraaft Winner

by OKAT 8

Junk Doodle/uberkraaft Winner | Doodlers Anonymous

It was a blessed exercise thought up by uberkraaft: to simply drop your inhibitions of drawing on a new page, in an effort to get you to doodle on something that would otherwise be thrown out. So many of you jumped on the prompt to do just that and the submissions came rolling in (see them all).

One after the other impressed us, but the above doodle by Jake Chancellor stole the show. Jake is 13 years old and lives in Barnet, Hertfordshire in the UK. He sent in the above pictures with the simple words, "My mum was going to throw away a kitchen chair so I doodled on it."

Congratulations, Jake. Your skills are so impressive for your age (any age for that matter) and we love that your effort was exactly what the challenge was all about. You just won yourself a custom drawing by uberkraaft and the kudos from all of us here at Doodlers Anonymous.

Don't go just yet. The other submissions are all so fun and improvised. Take note of the egg shells, sun glasses, hand-drawings and even masking tape that were re-used as a drawing medium.

Above by @oblongmouth

Above by Beth Cravens

Above by Bryce Fauble

Above by Claire Mullan

Above by @DIYSara

Above by commonmuck

Above by Jasmine Amaya

Above by Kassy Ellefson

Above by Kirsten Adam

Above by Laura Alvarez (@BigeyesWorld)

Above by Leroy Tune

Above by Michelle Schrad (@MissIllustrator)

Above by Rich Page (@umetoys)

Above by Sam Snyder

Above by Silvia Dias

Above by Tim Clulow (@wolulcmit)


  1. All the submissions were great, but Jake, your kitchen chair doodles made my mouth drop.

  2. Love the glasses by Silvia!

  3. Thank you Hugo :) And great work Jake, congratulations! There's really good works here!

  4. glasses gets a highfive from oslo...

  5. Thank you Adrian ;)

  6. wow

  7. The glasses are VERY cool. Love the arm that goes from one lens to the other!

  8. why is a 13 year old better then me? lol

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