Inspiration: Art

Abstract Pairings

by Jamie Tao 9

Abstract Pairings | Doodlers Anonymous

If only we all had the resolve in us to draw something every day. Boz Schurr is one of them, she draws every single day. She is also a lover of life and likes the color blue.

Boz Schurr on flickr »


  1. I'm seriously in love with this sketchbook. Great find Jamie. I hope Boz never stops drawing every single day.

  2. <3

  3. im and addict too.

  4. these are great!

  5. Boz is awesome

  6. <3 [2]

  7. impressive!

  8. i used to do this :D over the summer i have to get a new sketchbook for AP art, and your drawings have influenced me to go back to what i knew best. <3 your style!

  9. The typewriter...oooohhh.. <3

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