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Silav - Rick Baker

by überkraaft 7

Silav - Rick Baker | Doodlers Anonymous

Rick makes quite a variety of work - a real creative inspiration - his work includes collage, intricately doodled pattern pieces, beautifully observed and drawn lineworks. What I love about Ricks works is how they are imbued with a haunting sadness - an absence, a sorrow - particularly with Rick's figurative stuff. There is a feeling of something hidden... something partially remembered... an underlying melancholy.

I'm really interested what you guys think - it took me a little while but now I couldn't live without them. I did notice on Rick's MySpace page that he studied religion at college... I wonder if that has added an extra dimension to these wonderfully created, sensitive and poetic images? Then I wonder if not having an answer - in itself - is what makes the work really fizz... I do know they'll stay with me for a very long time and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks Rick.

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  1. Lovely, simple line work. This is wonderful!

  2. Nicely put Uberkraaft. I think that's why I love the work of Kilian Eng so much; there's an elusive meaning encapsualted within every character. Great find.

  3. Samantha - thanks for that - I hadn't seen that work before ... :)

  4. thanks uberkrafft! one note: the 'skull/bunny' collage is a collaboration with adam janes and ann-marie rounkle.

  5. Very welcome :) Check out Silavs photostream for some other great collabs too!

  6. wonderful!

  7. I love your detailed work! I am just wondering... What is your connection to Iceland? I reacted to the "Ýtt í ófærðinni" doodle. Really nice work!

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