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Win an Uber-Doodle

by überkraaft 11

Win an Uber-Doodle | Doodlers Anonymous

Sometimes I'm overcome with fear when I sit down to draw. I open my beautiful Moleskine sketchbook and stare at its perfect antique ivory pages and there I am... stuck... I either have no idea what to do, or more likely, so many ideas that I can't settle on one and start drawing.

What?! You've been there?! I don't seem to have a problem just doodling, with or without a fully formed idea, but there's something about trying to work on a precious or pristine surface that can be a real obstacle to creativity. To get around it, my favorite remedy is the tried and tested no-good, down and dirty "junk doodle"... Grab an envelope, a direct mailer, a magazine, lump of wood, pair of old shoes... well anything... and get doodling! There is something so pure about working on something that is basically valueless to begin with... There's no pressure for the work to succeed so the doodling gets looser and more creative - it can become practically zen-like.

With it being one of my favorite doodle ways, I'd like to encourage everyone to have a bash at a "junk doodle" - Incentive? (ahem)

Send a picture of your "junk doodle" to uberkraaft at gmail dot com - The guys at DA and myself will choose our favorite entry from the bunch - The winner will receive a one of a kind, made to suit you, completely bespoke uberkraaft doodle. Whatever you'd like me to doodle, a favorite song, a page of socks, smells of the circus etc... I'll do it. Send your entries in by the 23rd of November. Need some inspiration? Here's a bit of shameless self-promotion... er... I mean... visual stimulus... Have a go :)


I'm paid to create brands & websites and other commercial claptrap but it's fair to say I just love to doodle... I make stuff, paint on things, doodle on snails and fruit and generally drift through the days….


  1. You hit it right on the nail. Lately I've been doodling all over the return self-addressed envelopes from Netflix. It's liberating knowing I'll never see them again and neither will anyone else, except of course the postman and the Netflix staff person who receives it.

  2. I like the way you are thinking, Uberkraaft.

  3. Okat... the Netflix envelopes! Great idea! They never change. It's so routine to slap a movie in one and mail it back. I think I'll spice things up a bit on the next few I return.

  4. rad!

  5. I like to doodle on my cat - but failing that I agree don\'t over think and get on with it always works.

  6. Exactly, I have that problem all the time. I've become a big fan of yellow legal pads and keep one on my desk at work. I do my best drawing while on hold or waiting for something to load on the 'puter. While on the go, I like to carry a cheapo comp book.

  7. I use legal pads at work all the time. I've gotten a reputation for doodling during meetings... even had a boss tell me he would "kill" me if I ever doodled in one of his meetings again. I'm in the process of developing a site called - a place for people to upload work doodles.

  8. Love it!! I use envelopes, shoppers, cardboard, whatever is near me...

  9. personally i use the backs of \\\"crunchy nut clusters\\\" that way i never run out because i dont stop eating! Love the snails btw! Tommy.

  10. :D Cheers Tommy

  11. when do we get to see the winners doodle? im looking forward to it

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