Inspiration: Art


by Jamie Tao 13

S.A.M. | Doodlers Anonymous

Sam Pierpoint likes to create depth and naivety with her illustrations. She also likes to break rules by creating her 3-D multi-colored worlds. And her sketchbook might make you jealous. Moral of the story: this girl is good.


  1. my girlfriend would love these, as do i.

  2. The heels are really eye-catching and outstanding.

  3. I just fell in love with the beautiful birds. just lovely.

  4. OMG I want those shoes!

  5. I adore the shoes where can I get them and the 3D work is amazing i like the mixing of these 2 styles.

  6. Wow, the bright colors are so well-chosen and vibrant! Total eye candy!

  7. I Love!! the town!! How did you do that!! Such happy and colorful work!

  8. This is absolutely amazing. I'm so jealous!!!!! :)

  9. This is brilliant! She can draw on my walls anytime she wants.

  10. Hi guys, thankyou for all your really nice comments! My illustrated shoes are now up for auction so if anyone wants to bid please follow this link...

  11. wowser! I love everything here, but the shoes are off the chain!

  12. W

  13. Don't know why the rest of my comment didn't show. I prolly need to read the rules as I'm new, maybe because I posted an emoji?? What remarkable talent you have Sam! Love it!

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