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Wall Doodlin' with Tosco

by überkraaft 11

Wall Doodlin' with Tosco | Doodlers Anonymous

When I started doodling 6 months ago, this stuff blew me away. Anytime I need a kick in the pants to get my creative juices going again, I come back to this amazing and imaginative work. Tosco is part of the Cabidela Ninjas, a collective of Portuguese street artists, including the brilliant Uganda Lebre, who put out pieces of stunning quality and originality. The final wall pieces are undoubtedly impressive, dynamic and eye catching - if graffiti's your bag - but what amazes me is the consistency of Tosco's work from small book doodle to huge street work. Somehow, his work manages to convey the freedom of thought, quality of line and natural immediacy of top notch doodling at any and every scale.

Tosco of the Cabidela Ninjas on flickr »


  1. This stuff is awesome! I agree, he does an awesome job of keeping his lines free even when the scale is huge. The four small colored pieces remind me of Basquiat. Thanks for posting, uberkraaft!

  2. Spot on Josh :) Those colored pieces are collabs with Uganda Lebre - Have a look if you haven't seen him before ... great lines :)

  3. Really good stuff - I'm always impressed with the ability to draw massive and still get a well composed overall picture. The creativity here is amazing

  4. hasnt this guy done a few animations? i could be wrong.

  5. Dias - not that I know of - are you thinking of Blu - it's great though :)

  6. yea i was thinking of blu haha

  7. ès mesmo Tosco!

  8. Wow!

  9. i have print them al, they are really good thanks for the article uberkraaft!

  10. you know ? you got talent !!!!!!!!!! awesome

  11. Ok This is awesome!

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