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Will Bryant says... | Doodlers Anonymous

Thank you kindly for having me on Doodlers Anonymous! It's been a pleasure sharing and I sure hope uberkraaft has as much fun as I have.

For the end of October I was in Mississippi throwing a HUGE dance party under my deejay moniker The Hooded Deer! With the finest production team in the South, we constructed a 22 foot skeleton from wood and led tubes! So I thought I'd share some pictures from Second Chance Zombie Dance. (photos by Andrew Le)

On my way to Mississippi, I had a looong layover and "started" a new series called Make Something While Sitting In The Airport (MSWSITA).

Also, this week I visited Natalie Davis' Expressive Type class at the Art Institute (Austin) and gave a guest lecture on ZINES! None of the students had heard of zines, so I thought it best to give a brief overview based on the amazing book, Whatcha Mean, What's a Zine?

Above photo by Austin Kleon If you're not familiar this book you should totally pick it up! It's by two amazing doodlers, Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd. I focused on the energy, efficiency, and freedom of zine making. I of course had to share the work from my former professor and featured Doodler, Kate Bingaman-Burt. I think it went really well and the students will be putting together their very own typographic driven zine!

Will Bryant

Mr Fancy Pants is a freelance creative currently enrolled at Public School (a rad collective on the east side of Austin) He and his young bride spend time watching the Cosby Show, playing cards, afternoon bike rides, laughing, and eating home cooked meals.


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