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'This Is Not a Book'
Submissions and Winners

by OKAT 5

'This Is Not a Book'Submissions and Winners | Doodlers Anonymous

It was not a giveaway for the lazy. It was a giveaway intended to inspire you to create, and five of you did just that.

Thanks to all the participants and to those who spread the word. Keri Smith's 'This Is Not a Book' is out in stores everywhere and also available on Amazon.

It was difficult to pick just two winners out of the bunch because they were all fun, creative executions but alas here are the results »

Cheryl Smith's submission: "This is not a book, it is a "book mobile". Objects hanging from the book include: a spiderweb and spider, key and lock, skull and bone, moon and bat, and a grandfather clock with adjustable clock hands and swinging pendulum. Each of the elements was made from pages that were removed from the book. The book mobile also makes some really great wall shadows as it hangs and slowly rotates."

WINNER!!! Clara Charlotte's submission: "I really enjoy your site and cool community. Your contest for 'This Is Not a Book' got me off my ass on a lazy saturday and I transformed a book I love and hate (both!) to something new. I chose "The Catcher in the Rye" by Salinger. It is a brilliant book and it is also very sad at times. Every time Holden thought about phoning up somebody to talk to, but didn't because 'you had to be in the mood for these things'… it made me sad. I wanted to cheer up the day of those who feel the same; standing in a phone booth or waiting at a bus stop with their mobile, thinking about who to call and deciding on: no one. I took pictures all along and really enjoyed the project. I hope it doesn't rain soon. So far I've gotten some great responses to the piece, especially from children (who notice it far more often than adults)"

WINNER!!! Delaney Duke's submission: "I flipped a book inside out."

Japooka Whitehead's submission: "This was a book of poems by Rosemary Thomas and now it’s my Magnus Opus. I just finished it after letting it sit untended for a long time. I’m surprised to see the Keri Smith book contest at a time when I need inspiration to get the rest of these pages obsessively filled with collages and painting. To be fair, I guess they’re not all filled. These are the most detailed pages."

Polly Lindsay's submission: "I found this book (A Cure For Dreams by Kaye Gibbons) on a walk, in the street and knew it would be useful for something:) I never read it… my idea was to cut a huge dead paper tree from the pages of the book to put on my wall (as I wanted a change in my room), kinda like putting it back where it belongs. Although I've never read it, I felt closer to it as I was cutting away- it seemed like a lonely book, filled with letters and poems and 'modest but pretty gloves'. The main character has the same name as me which made me happy :) I am going to fill the branches with plenty of doodles and happy things - maybe it will cure my dreams! It probably doesn't look like much, but all the blutacking, drawing, un-blutacking, cutting and then blutacking again took some time, hahaa- it was really fun though :D. I think projects like this really get you focused."

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  1. Congratulations Clara & Delaney! Wonderful submissions everyone. Thanks DA for a fun contest.

  2. these are awesome! clara's cranes must be putting smiles on a lot of people's faces.

  3. thank you, DA and Keri Smith :) I\'ll treasure my copy ! I was really curious to see what everyone else came up with. and not disappointed. What a great collection. Doing somehting with a book of poetry is an interesting idea.. by the way: Love the shadows, Cheryl (that\'s very clever!) and the booktree, Polly! @oppy i hope so. i saw some. but they only hung for two days, then the rain and the wind took them.

  4. I love your work with the origami cranes... extremely creative love where you've installed them as well.

  5. i love this work! very creative

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