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November’s Guest Contributor: uberkraaft

by OKAT 6

November’s Guest Contributor: uberkraaft | Doodlers Anonymous

Nine years ago, uberkraaft put down his pen and pencil and joined the real world. Although a fine arts degree major and doodler from the age of three, his nine year hiatus from drawing was broken six months ago when he turned off his television and started doodling for fun again.

Now he's in love with making stuff and it shows all over his work. Get to know him and his art on flickr and twitter, as he'll be contributing to our blog for the month of November.

Oh yea, and click here to check out his drawings on bananas, guitars, envelopes and the like.

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  1. haha fun stuff!!!!

  2. 5th from the bottom is just brilliant!

  3. Ah! I love that guitar! Awesome doodling there.

  4. hahaha funny :)) the eyes are amazing

  5. that first picture reminds me of that kids show... adventure time?

  6. Love the ukulele! Wish mine looked like that.

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