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by Will Bryant 2

Hallowzine | Doodlers Anonymous

Hallowzine is, you guessed it, a Halloween-themed zine. Clever, right? This is a collaborative project between myself and the typemaster-flex Chris Piascik. Hallowzine is jam-packed with original/never-before-seen drawings, some by Chris, some by me and a bunch that we worked on together.

Each zine features a screen-printed cover and was constructed by our hands! It's only $8!

Hallowzine was printed in an edition of 50 and you can purchase yours from Will (Supermarket) or from Chris.


  1. The screen-printed cover's texture is absolutely perfect. Well done. Thanks for my early copy :) Happy Halloween. Forget candy! Go buy Hallowzine and get yourself a doodle treat.

  2. Thanks Will + Okat! I am really happy with the way this zine turned out!

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