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Not Much Talk

by Jamie Tao 4

Not Much Talk | Doodlers Anonymous

This past weekend, I took a quick road trip from Miami to Birmingham and back. On our stop in Atlanta, I went into a record store and purchased the magazine Blü (No. 8) to keep me occupied in the car when I wasn't sleeping. In it, there's an interview with Pepa Prieto alongside some of her work. My favorite part of the interview is when they ask her if she has a favorite place to work - home, studio, other? Her answer: "…I travel a lot; so wherever I go I take my pens, paintings, laptop and camera. It's part of me and probably my favorite studio is where I am in that moment."

Lots more to find at Pepa Prieto's website.


  1. *sigh <3

  2. Recently discovered her and can't get over her work. Glad that she is getting the attention she deserves!

  3. thanks for the post! We love her too :) PS. We're in love with your site at the moment!

  4. wow that is really amazing!

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