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Giveaway: 'This Is Not a Book' by Keri Smith

by OKAT 8

Giveaway: 'This Is Not a Book' by Keri Smith | Doodlers Anonymous

If you don't know Keri Smith, then you don't know inspiration, or should I say motivation. Her work as an artist goes well beyond just skilled doodles. Keri has authored a handful of books that focus on getting you off your arse and out into the world to make, create or wreck yourself into existence. Her latest book titled "This Is Not a Book," will have you questioning everything a book can be and asking that you answer it by bringing your own copy to life.

We are fortunate to have secured two signed copies to giveaway, but winning one won't be as easy as leaving a comment below. We ask that you grab a book that you love or hate and make art out of it. No guidelines. You can sharpie the front, back and spine or put it in a blender and make it into a collage -- the options are endless. Don't think too hard about it. Right now, just walk away from your computer, crack your head open and create.

Document the results, send us the photos (editor AT doodlersanonymous DOT com) and you may just win. You have 10 days (giveaway will end October 31st). Keri and DA will select two winners and post all the submissions on the site soon after. Have fun and good luck.

Results are in!!! We have our winners and the submissions are exceptional. Click to see for yourself »


  1. WOW, this is the coolest! you must be so happy okat. keri smith is the best. keri smith + DA, even better.

  2. oooh ... I've already started working on my secret project. I hope I finish it in time ... cause I'd love to win "This is not a book."

  3. this is a great inspiration to do some doodling.... make some art.... go for a walk ..... thanxxx

  4. work in progress...good times

  5. I luv Keri Smith!

  6. <3 so good

  7. Dang. I missed it! Oh well. At least I found this cool site! Thank you Keri Smith for posting link on your blog :)

  8. pfff this is so really good ,great inspiration

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