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It Left an Impression

by Jamie Tao 6

It Left an Impression | Doodlers Anonymous

This website pretty much made my day, for many reasons. Here's a little background story. I have been voicing my dissatisfaction to my friend for days now - about feeling indifferent, about how difficult it is to be in a constant state of inspiration. She sits right behind me at work. I got back from grabbing a cup of coffee and had an email sitting in my inbox from her. It was the link to this website and the words: "A little inspiration. Great music, photos, design, all in one..."

Orba Squara is a band that is releasing their new album "The Trouble with Flying" in a few weeks. To celebrate the release of this new album, they decided to take a 10-day journey across the country, play some music, meet new people and along the way, see what they've been missing.

I hope you get a little pick-me-up from this site, too. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that I was navigating it for a good hour. Grab your headphones, put up the volume and start scrolling. Get lost in it. Experience their amazing journey with a beautiful combination of music, photography, design and hand drawings.

By the way, by the end of this, I felt inspired and wrote a radio script that I've been putting off for the last three days. I guess it worked.


  1. wow, that was amazing... seriously. probably the best website ive ever experienced, great way to integrate the photos with music and drawing.

  2. An absolutely remarkable website. I too, spent about an hour browsing it. It's extremely inspiring to see photography, writing, music, typography, and design all fused into one beautiful, functional website.

  3. Simply brilliant. Just what the doctor ordered for a case of creative block!

  4. Keep your eyes peeled for kindness!

  5. i hit a creative brick wall and now i am inspired and charged and happy thanks for posting!

  6. I dont have time to see the entire journey, but I put in my favorites. Orba Squara is now the band I listen more this days. What a great site and great songs!!

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