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Swamp Donkey

by Will Bryant 7

Swamp Donkey | Doodlers Anonymous

I don't know much about the Swamp Donkey, but I do know that I love his work. He's got loads of great drawings and photography. I really enjoy his wild style and repetitive use of horns/tusks.

Link credit: You can also see some great stuff from Alice Saunders guest post on MyLoveForYou.


  1. My favorite is the Moleskine spread that reads "swampy."

  2. i know his work by flickr and i really love everything!. im his fan, nice too see him here. :) really good selection of artist in this web.

  3. i found some rail spikes at the yard swamp monkey cut the fence and sprayed his name

  4. donkey

  5. these drawings are so damn good looking

  6. Wow, amazing creatures!

  7. Sweet :)

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