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by Jamie Tao 8

Impromptu | Doodlers Anonymous

I have had the privilege of making a lot of new friends through DA, one of them being the very cool and talented Chris Piascik. After the giveaway he did for us (here's a reminder of it), I expressed to him my envy for the winners. He said he would make a drawing for me so long as I made one for him. At the time, I don't think he knew that I don't mess around. Now he knows.

We both like to draw letters so we selected a personal quote that we wanted the other person to draw. We gave each other a deadline of exactly one week. Here are the results (click to see detail) of the impromptu project and how we interpreted each other's thoughts. So fun.

"Of all the things I lost I missed my bicycle the most." -- Chris Piascik Drawing by Jamie Tao

"Nobody knows so it's not even real!" -- Jamie Tao Drawing by Chris Piascik


  1. i love letters, letter study letter study!

  2. typo! love it!

  3. regarding the one of two winners...I'm still waiting for my prize :(

  4. i love a good art exchange. and i love these.

  5. Zelig, I can't believe you didn't receive your piece! It was mailed out right after we received your address. Shoot me an email ( chrispiascik at gmail ) and we'll figure this out!

  6. Thanks Racheal!

  7. Awesome.

  8. Can't tell you how happy I am about this.

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