Inspiration: Art

That's How She Sees Things

by Jamie Tao 10

That's How She Sees Things | Doodlers Anonymous

Andrea Posada is good. And when I say good, I really want to add expletives to describe her work. Check out her site or her flickr for more if you're as addicted as I am. Her playfulness is contagious.


  1. Her work is brilliant. I love this.

  2. amazing

  3. so cool! i love her

  4. yummy!

  5. Andrea is a great artist. I\'ve been following her work for a while now.

  6. her play with negative and positive spaces r incredible this image just jump out of the page. love it love it love it <3

  7. great great!

  8. Out of control!!! this is incredible

  9. Its so raw and untamed. It looks like an entire culture wrapped into several doodles. #Bump

  10. Eyegasmic.

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