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Sonmi Doodles!

by Will Bryant 6

Sonmi Doodles! | Doodlers Anonymous

Julia Sonmi Heglund is a wizard with a pen and paper! You're probably familiar with her success on Threadless, but have you ever checked out her doodles before getting inked up? Her line quality, detail, and characters are just insane! She also does some really funny character combos that were featured here.

Find her on Flickr and Twitter too.

Will Bryant

Mr Fancy Pants is a freelance creative currently enrolled at Public School (a rad collective on the east side of Austin) He and his young bride spend time watching the Cosby Show, playing cards, afternoon bike rides, laughing, and eating home cooked meals.


  1. Those are gorgeous. The ewok walking the dog is funny.

  2. I love the ewok too, very imaginary!

  3. pretty damn good fun stuff, are these straight pen? or sketched first.

  4. yay, thanks for the post! dias - they are all straight to pen :)

  5. damn, i try and do one pen drawing a day. its difficult especially text. good job!

  6. Hey, I'm loving all I see already. I'm a doodler too and always looking for inspiration and ideas. Yeah! Carol

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