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October’s Guest Contributor: Will Bryant

by OKAT 3

October’s Guest Contributor: Will Bryant | Doodlers Anonymous

Will Bryant is Mr. Fancy Pants. We've mentioned him before when his work was in exhibition and in the free doodles zine, but we never quite gave him the attention he deserves. Rest assured, we intend to fix that.

Earlier in the week he sent me a doodle (above) out of the blue to show some love for DA (thanks, Will!) and I couldn't resist asking him to guest blog for the month of October. He replied with an enthusiastic yes. I also couldn't resist selecting some of my favorite works by him. Click here and you will see what I mean.

He's a damn nice guy and has even collaborated with some cool folks like Christine Young and Andy Smith. Now stop staring and welcome the fancy-pant wearing fool.


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  1. Yeah! Good choice Okat! Congrats Will!

  2. This is great news.

  3. sweeeeeeeet!

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