Inspiration: Art


by Jamie Tao 5

Kaleidoscopic | Doodlers Anonymous

We all go through phases. Lately for me, it's all about color. The more color, the better; which makes it so appropriate that I am in love with Maya Hayuk's work.

Even though Maya is a muralist, painter, photographer, writer, performer (among other things), she is a doodler at heart and it is evident in everything that she does.



  1. It's great work, I just posted some of her stuff a few weeks ago (link below). You've really got to see it in person - it's even more amazing!

  2. i love this stuff! lots of colorful energy.

  3. Any doodlers who live in the Bay Area, the Center(s) for Creative Reuse have most of Upper Playground's books, including Maya's, for $5 a pop right now. Lots of paper and other recyclables, too. The Oakland one is in Temescal, fyi.

  4. I doodle too!!!

  5. Incredible!

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