Inspiration: Videos Art

Azusa Nakagawa

by Monsieur Cabinet 2

Azusa Nakagawa | Doodlers Anonymous

With a website which emphasizes her weird little brain box, Azusa will transport you to a magical world of illustration & animation. It is clear she enjoys the art of making things move and her artwork only truly comes to life through this medium. Her animations (dare I say it) shadowing her illustrations. Lovely work and definitely worth a look.

Monsieur Cabinet

Monsieur Cabinet (Dave) lives and works in Leeds, West Yorkshire. He is an Associate Lecturer at Leeds College of Art, loves wordplay & satire. He believes hate is a strong word, but so is iron. He used to have insomnia, but I got tired of it. He will endeavor to rock your world in a gentle way.


  1. Wowee.. I love her work.

  2. i am a huge fan of video and animation. this peice is inspiring, and i think that it is great.

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