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500 Colored Pencils: 01/20

by OKAT 4

500 Colored Pencils: 01/20 | Doodlers Anonymous

A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to be included in the initial mailing of the most beautiful and inspiring collection of colored pencils I have ever seen.

500 Pencils is a product by Felissimo, the folks behind DESIGN 21 and Social Designer, and it is the only set in the world that attempts to match the span and wonder of human creativity, with each pencil having its unique hue and name.

It gets better. Now you can subscribe and order the collection for yourself (or as a gift to someone else) and the best part is, they get delivered over the course of 20 months. Each month a set of 25 pencils will arrive at your door (packaged in similar tones and hues). Above is a photo of the first series I received in the mail and so far my favorite colors include Plum Crazy and Little Red Wagon. Now go get your hands on these »


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  1. Love this entry. Love the colored pencils. Love that I get a set of these every single month. I just ordered mine. Impulsive maybe. But when I want something, I want it.

  2. I think 500 pencils is a little overboard. And it's also kinda pricey. I'll stick with my prismacolors! :-) I guess it sorta looks cool though...

  3. Looks cool but can't do it. :( I still remember the best set of color pencils I had in school made by Design. I have looked everywhere and can't find them. The only thing I've found in the same brand are the Design Ebony.

  4. I want to be the person who comes up with the name of each pencil!

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