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Help Us Help Google

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Help Us Help Google | Doodlers Anonymous

It's not often that a site like ours can help out the likes of a huge, leading brand and technology company like Google, but it just so happens they're seeking doodlers and we know plenty. I received an email earlier this month from one of the illustrators that works at Google, saying they're looking to grow their small team and want to reach out to as many qualified and talented folks as they can.

They like Doodlers Anonymous and think it's an obvious fit for them to search right here for what, "...boils down to creative thinkers with great drawing and design skills. Computer chops are a plus, but we're more confident in our ability to teach people software than art. Our main responsibility is the homepage logos, so we want to see portfolios that show a candidate that would rock those. Also, since the homepage logos are stylistically all over the place, we're most interested in illustrators with lots of range."

Ok DA readers, this can be quite the opportunity. Good luck applying and if it's not for you, help spread the word to someone else: tweet, digg, facebook it… you can click the sponsor ad in the top right for complete job details or pass around the following link:

Web Graphic Artists to Join Google:


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