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What She Wore Today

by OKAT 2

What She Wore Today | Doodlers Anonymous

Gemma Correll draws us what she wore today and the rest of us feel obligated to play along. She started a flickr group (12 days ago) and corresponding blog to document everyone's drawings and has already received over 250 postings. It's a wonderful way to motivate yourself to put pen to paper at least once a day. Even I doodled something in the long car ride back today, but it's missing a body (oh and sorry about the quality, it's taken from my cell phone).

Relevant: Gemma just updated her Etsy shop with this super-cycle "Let's Ride" tote bag.


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  1. I love this concept and if you don't mind will be continuing with this myself, i love new and creative ideas which work on a daily basis, if you get my drift!!!! :)

  2. yeah, i'd agree. its the same as taking a shot of yourself everyday n posting them up on your blog,but then again, its same same but different,which is a good thing. :)

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