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Revisit Simon Mills

by OKAT 7

Revisit Simon Mills | Doodlers Anonymous

When we first featured Simon back in February he did 14 original drawings for us. He then went on to participate in our first project by doodling the heck out of this t-shirt (shown above).

A doodler through and through, Simon now writes to tell me that he's "...just been to a rainy festival in the UK called Shambala and did some doodling and cutting on plywood panels." He of course attached some pictures of the fun »

Bookmark his flickr site to keep in touch with someone who truly loves to scribble on anything that comes his way.


Founder and editor of Doodlers Anonymous. An avid thinker, creator and collaborator, known to concept and carry a ballpoint pen with him at all times.


  1. Thanks for the update Simon. Now how about you mail me one of these wood panel beauties :)

  2. Dude 8x4' sheets are hard to mail. However I can do you a smaller version. and you could send me some of your art, which of course I love. Whats your address, consider thr deal done. Mine is 21 Queens Road, St George,Bristol,BS5 8HT. You sould have it anyway. Si

  3. super awesome! i like!

  4. owning a doodle shirt from you...if and when you do have doodle tees...would be awesome dude!

  5. @May: The shirt above (as doodled by Simon) is not for sale, but you can get your hands on the DA shirt for yourself (to doodle all over) here:

  6. Love it, looking for ideas for stuff to hang on my middle class suburban fence that will make my neighbors to the right of me think I'm weirder than than already think I am.

  7. Super fun!

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