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Naive Nostalgia

by Monsieur Cabinet 4

Naive Nostalgia | Doodlers Anonymous

Hello, this is my first post, I will endeavor to contribute some shameless self-advertising and let you all know a little bit more about me, but first I would like to introduce you to an artist I first stumbled across at the D&AD show, London, earlier on this year. Jack Teagle, a recent graduate from Plymouth University, celebrates nostalgic delights with a gifted hand.

Being an 80's child myself, I instantly warmed to his beautifully naive but ultimately accurate interpretations of retro classics. I am very keen to see what the future holds for Teagle (keep and eye on his blog), I find his works refreshing and relevant. In an ever increasing world of design copycats and tinsel trends, it is sometimes hard to see work with substance and integrity, but Jacks voice is loud, funny and original, if you can look at his work and refrain from smiling, you are dead inside.

Monsieur Cabinet

Monsieur Cabinet (Dave) lives and works in Leeds, West Yorkshire. He is an Associate Lecturer at Leeds College of Art, loves wordplay & satire. He believes hate is a strong word, but so is iron. He used to have insomnia, but I got tired of it. He will endeavor to rock your world in a gentle way.


  1. These are really really great. I laughed out loud at Anubis vs. the Rain. Great find!

  2. oh i just love these!

  3. so cool!

  4. these are great. anubis vs. the rain is priceless indeed.

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