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Adventures in Ink Spills

by Jamie Tao 7

Adventures in Ink Spills | Doodlers Anonymous

Maybe it's the colors. Maybe it's her use of that antiquated texture that I love so much. I'm not sure. But there's a certain calm and frailness in Mel Kadel's drawings and it's just what I'm craving right now. I am including their titles. I don't think they have the same meaning without them. The above is titled "Human Nature."

"Grand Old Fort"

"Loving the Sun"

"The Wall"


"What You See From a Tree" Visit Mel Kadel's website »


  1. I am in love with this site...

  2. I found Mel Kadel's site last spring through the Fecal Face website. I adore it her style and her content. Quickly becoming one of my favorites. -Mike


  4. beautiful, textural, perfect..

  5. Ever since that Monster Children feature i've been transfixed

  6. .......magnifico!!!!

  7. This is sweet doodling!

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