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Giveaway: Jolby Zine

by Jamie Tao 58

Giveaway: Jolby Zine | Doodlers Anonymous

The very gracious and talented Jolby (the collaborative works of Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols) released their first zine just a few short weeks ago. It's titled "&1: Everyday Shenanigans."

Jolby lets us wander through their brain. What we find in there is a healthy dose of insanity - one-eyed monsters, moustached Englishmen, a sasquatch with a drinking problem and gallons of caffeine.

For a chance to win, you have to do one very simple thing. Comment below with a little nonsense of your own. Tell us an absurd fact about yourself. The first thing that pops into your head. Make it random, make it awkward, make it fun. Here, I'll start: When I like something, I say "it's the best thing in the world." And I mean it. Until I find the next best thing in the world.

We will randomly select one winner (one entry per person please). Comments will close on Monday, Aug. 31 at 4 PM Eastern. We have a winner! Out of the hat came the name Sara whose random nonsense was that she'd "...rather get trapped in an elevator for days than ride an escalator." Congrats Sara and thanks to everyone who entered. Now we know how weird you all are :)

If you can't wait to get your hands on one, you can find copies of the zine at Artful Goods along with other delicious treats by Jolby.

Jamie Tao

Jamie is in a constant state of inspiration by everything and everyone that comes into her life.


  1. Looks good! Random fact: I write right-handed and draw left-handed.

  2. Random fact: I love scary and horror cartoons.

  3. Rnadome fact: I like to watch movies about vampires eventhough i dont like to see blood.

  4. When I was in college I accidentally knocked one of my suite-mates off of the toilet with the stall door because: a. I had taken out my contacts and I could not see. b. He did not answer when I knocked. PS: His name was Cookie.

  5. I am always falling *up* the stairs.

  6. random fact: id rather get trapped in an elevator for days than ride an escalator.

  7. Cool! I want one! Ok, I have this weird thing, I sometimes imagine a length of rope ripping in two, but I can't quite get my mind to visualize two separated pieces of rope, there's always this tiny thread holding the pieces together. And when I mentally rip this thread there's always another one inside, even thinner, that remains holding the rope together. It. drives. me. crazy.

  8. A few weeks ago I was sunburned enough to peel a complete layer of skin off my entire stomach. At first I was moderately creeped out, but now I wish I had more layers to peel-- such a satisfying & addictive activitiy...

  9. I write my letters and numbers from the bottom up, not from the top down like most people do.

  10. I was born into a cult. Don't worry I left. When I was 22.

  11. I'll tell you something random: Every month I download all my photos into my computer, and anything that doesn't fit into a particular category like "Oma's Birthday" or "Picnic at the Park" goes into a folder called "Everyday Shenanigans." I'd love to see if their shenanigans are anything like mine!

  12. Random fact: I have a thing for smelling people's clothes. (Haha. But only if they smell nice.)

  13. Random Fact: I think, in great detail, things to say to people, days before I will ever have the chance to see them. I even think of whole interviews I would have if I were famous. This happens almost every day... Sometimes it gets to the point were my mind is so filled with what I would say to people, I get very frustrated and angry!

  14. Random Fact: After being influenced by team Jolby, I've decided to re-name my copy-writing team from "Bill and Jolie" to "BJ Skillz".. errr, wait?

  15. If it's gonna be random then what's the use; like hanging this comment with a figurative noose.

  16. i can\'t watch TrueBlood because Buffy the Vampire Slayer scared me as a child.

  17. i hope i win the gnar zine

  18. i sometimes like to roll down my window while driving in the car, and let my tongue dry out in the air rushing in. it feels really weird

  19. Tasty. Random Fact: I love to scare myself.

  20. I love Jolby! I would rather try to carry 10 plastic grocery bags in each hand than take 2 trips to bring my groceries in. :)

  21. When I was in 5th grade I learned the alphabet backwards. Now I have no idea how many letters there are in the alphabet.. yeah...

  22. When I drink Coca-Cola my shoulder hurts. I don\'t know why...

  23. I like the cookie part of oreos much more than the filling.

  24. I can't eat any food that goes squish when you bite it, like blueberries, cherry tomatoes (they have to be cut in half first) and grapes.

  25. Oh, and Caroline? Two words: glue hands.

  26. I love beetroot and hate buttons

  27. Someone just threw a handful of coins at me! For no reason!

  28. I am proud to possess a great skill of making my nostrils move.

  29. I put everything I read, hear, and say into an acronym. I've been doing it since I was a little kid. It's not something I think about consciously, but when a phrase/sentence creates an fun/funny acronym I notice. For example, when you say "Have a nice day," the acronym is H.A.N.D. Sometimes I tell my friends I have "S.T.D." - after a moment of confusion I say, "Shit to do!"

  30. Random Fact: When the wind blows into my face i stop breathing as i think that if i breathe in when the wind blows it will fill my lungs and i wont be able to stop breathing in! Argh! it gets so bad i have to turn away to breathe in!

  31. Random fact - if I'm ever standing behind someone on an escalator or wherever, who's shirt label is sticking out their collar, I get an overwhelming urge to put it back in, despite generally being pretty sloppy. (And the few times I've actually tried, if the person noticed, they'd pretend not to.)

  32. I take random photos of my feet.

  33. I'm not high maintenance but my bangs are.

  34. i want that zine

  35. I'm afraid of escalators.

  36. I don't like pickels

  37. I was freakin' out! (about everything.)

  38. A fact: your cheeks are face pockets.

  39. Random fact: when I was 15 I was playing in our backyard with my small sister (3 years old) . I received a phone call from my first boyfriend. My mather called my and I I was so in a hurry that forgot my sister on a tree...

  40. I can write, in cursive, backwards, upside-down, upside-down and backwards...and it all looks just like my normal handwriting when put to a mirror. Oh, and I can also write with my right-hand (I'm a lefty) and it almost looks as good as my left.

  41. If I see some crepe paper I will tear a piece off and stick it to my tongue. It tastes sour! It's so weird. I don't get it.

  42. When I was in grad school in Canada, I worked on a rap-musical version of "A Clockwork Orange." And because I had neither a Canadian work visa nor a union card, I got paid in beer instead of money.

  43. i am freaked out by snails.

  44. When I was 12 I won a trip to Hawaii and couldn't go.

  45. FACT: I have an Ommatophobia - fear of eyes

  46. After going to about 6 different physiotherapists about a problem I had, one found something hard just below my collar-bone, under my skin. It turns out I have an extra rib, and it is connected to my spine with muscle! Having one extra rib means I am not allowed to work as a \\\"check-out-chick\\\" because the repetitive movement of shifting my head side to side (whilst scanning food items) means that the muscle connecting my rib to my spine would get bigger, and it could press on a nerve, making my right arm or right leg become paralysed! That ruined my childhood dream of being a check-out-chick - I thought they got alllllllllllll the money in the till at the end of the day! (Turns out they don\\\'t, they get paid minimum wage :P) Thanks for reading :) ~CK~

  47. I have lived in 27 places and I love bergamot in all its forms.

  48. I hate Cilantro. It does not taste \"fresh\".

  49. I have a pet Hedgehog, her name is NuffNuff (pronounced nooffnooff), she lives in a fortress build out of 2 big plastic boxes connected by a long yellow tunnel. She prefers sleeping in the tunnel during the day and running in this huge wheel at night.

  50. I've always wanted to be Bill Cosby!


  52. RANDOM FACT ABOUT BEN: i get the ladies by waving my eyebrows.

  53. i never wear matching socks. ever. to the point where i will actually go out of my way to find odd ones. i have a weird fear of blotchy biros. i just can't use them. since this tends to happen once a biro is about half empty, it means i have loads of half used biros lying around that i can never use. i also like to sit on really tall chairs where my feet don't touch the floor. i'm not completely sure why.

  54. Everyday I wake up, with very little on my mind. But one thing leads to another, and by the end of the day I want a certain pet. Today I want a pink Galah cockatoo.

  55. I often fail to realize that reality is unreal!

  56. Once I was running late to get to a brand new job, had to check in, then go over and get my drug test. ALL MORNING people were staring at me with this half-horrified look. I started getting seriously weirded out, what the hell was wrong with me? Got to the drug testing place, got my cup, flipped on the bathroom light and discovered in my haste I had nicked myself with my razor, twice, and had two 6-inch vampire-style blood trails drying on my neck.

  57. Rushing about in London but still people watching as I do - (and mental sketching (ie drawing in one's head without needing the paper and pencil) anyone else do that?). I was taken by a tattooed punk with a great coloured mohican haircut. Later on the way to catch the train I rushed to the station loo. Threw open an unlocked cubicle door and there was the very same guy sitting on the pan. Oops sorry sez I rapidly closing the door. Then on the train I recorded the event in my moleskin since it was seared into my memory.

  58. I have a pair of bug socks and when i wear them I always sing a song about one of the bugs called Mr ConfusedBug...because he looks confused as he is stretched round the side of my foot :P

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