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Emma Kidd (post 2.0)

by Chris Piascik 2

Emma Kidd (post 2.0) | Doodlers Anonymous

I was so taken by Emma Kidd's drawings that I just started writing this post without first checking to see if she had already graced the pages of Doodlers Anonymous. It turns out her work has been shown here (Make It A Go) and rightly so. Since I pulled all of this together (and because the work is so great) we decided to post about Benconservato (aka Emma Kidd) once again!

Emma Kidd's creatures are wonderful. I love their loose quality as if they almost help create themselves.

Obviously I couldn't leave out this monster-type! If you like Emma's drawings you are in luck, her flickr page is loaded with them. I personally recommend this set of Monsters on Paper. You can also buy your very own original pieces via her Etsy store.

Chris Piascik

I am an artist / designer residing in Cambridge, MA. I post daily drawings on my blog. I have a small apparel company called Print Brigade and I am a designer at Alphabet Arm. Basically I do not sleep.


  1. love the addition of watercolours!!

  2. Thanks Chris!

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