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Bored At Work

by OKAT 5

Bored At Work | Doodlers Anonymous

I love when neat stuff happen with such few things. This is a short, stop motion animation by Nekotwo, using post-it notes, a camera phone and some bored and borrowed minutes at work. Visit his flickr for more doodle videos and goodies.

Found via the DA flickr group.


  1. This is great, was thinking of doing something similar myself. I'm sure I'll get round to it one day...

  2. fab, fab!!! :)

  3. Simply cool!

  4. this is way fun. when i make videos at work they tend to me slightly idiotic and silly, in all fun of course. this actually was a little bit more mature than what i have done. other than doodling at work.

  5. really fun stuff! it gives me an idea for something to do while work isn't busy.

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