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This Charming Oaf

by Chris Piascik 3

This Charming Oaf | Doodlers Anonymous

Mark Cameron's (AKA Mister Oaf) drawings make me laugh (and so does his bio: Having studied Graphic Design and Computing, Mister Oaf is now the proud owner of a degree in Illustration, which hangs at a slight angle above his race car bed. He works from his underground studio known only as the "Bunker", from this cave of wonders he doodles away, while drinking too much coffee and rotating his biscuit selection between Custard Creams and Bourbons. Mister Oaf is the pseudonym of Mark Cameron, a 26 year old illustrator and doodler based in Perth, Scotland.)

The drawing above is dear to my heart because I feel the same exact way!

I love that his different character's eyes are always closed. It's quite impressive how much expression he shows without utilizing the eyes!

His drawings are as simple as they are charming.

Chris Piascik

I am an artist / designer residing in Cambridge, MA. I post daily drawings on my blog. I have a small apparel company called Print Brigade and I am a designer at Alphabet Arm. Basically I do not sleep.


  1. That's awesome (and funny)!

  2. that is great! i feel like that too. i have just finished up two degrees in art, and now i work at a grocery store while trying to make art (and submit it and share it). the main reason why i want to make loads of money is so i can do my extremely intense, large, and expensive projects! the grocery store just doesn't cut it!

  3. hehe aw the first one is lovely, it makes me happy & a bit sad at the same time! The rest are so bright and chirpy :)

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