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Doodling Around Town

by OKAT 4

Doodling Around Town | Doodlers Anonymous

A month ago I mentioned a doodle competition over at Social Designer based on the simple theme: One-liner. I believe something around 228 submissions came in and I was given the task to pick the one I thought stood out among the rest. It was quite difficult, to be honest. I decided to first narrow it down to those that simply caught my attention with their aesthetic. I got it down to ten, all beautiful, all deserving of the win. From those, I chose what I felt had the best concept behind its inception and would also land great on a t-shirt. The winner is Richard Lawson, who submitted the above drawing titled Doodling Around Town, with the description:

"This t-shirt design was created from the idea that a doodle is a 'one-liner', a zinger; a quick, simple, subconscious burst of creativity that appears erratically from the vehicle of creation, in this case it is the pencil."

That's it, I was sold. An excellent breakdown of the theme, tied together with a great visual. Congratulations to Richard and to the honorable mentions that made it difficult for me to pick a single winner.

Click to view the nine finalists » (by Max F., Jess Smart Smiley, Anjo Bolarda, Nour Bishouty, Janelmy, Andre, Jason Anderson, Scetlana Sudeykina)

"This design deals with the architecture, the landscapes and the people that you can meet during a trip around the world." -- Max F. (Around the World)

"This guitarist is a happy soul that just wants to play. He loves chillin' on the grass or leaning against a tree trunk in the shade. He wants to sing a song on your shirt." -- Jess Smart Smiley (Guitarist)

"Build New Future is a one liner that gives hope and motivation for us to build a better future." -- Anjo Bolarda (Build New Future)

"This t-shirt illustration represents an expression of human feelings trough the surrounding us items. Image should be placed on the front side right on the center of the t-shirt." -- Svetlana Sudeykina (How I Feel)

"Were Am I? Were Am I? Were Am I? I am here somewhere.. I'm a loose line, a bunch of scattered dots.. I will find me somewhere, and get me all together." -- Nour Bishouty (Where Am I?)

"Whatever it is you want to achieve, the only truly satisfying way to do it is work, plain hard work. So get working on it!" -- Andre (Work)

"The world as one length of thread, connecting everything together through its many layers. Inspired by the rapidly-growing DIY lifestyle, and in support of a larger message of human solidarity." -- Jason Anderson (Stitch Together)

"I created a cube of twon which started by one-line" -- Janelmy (Little Square)

"This is pretty much just a doodle of underwater creatures inspired by my sister's hair and hair-clip." -- Nour Bishouty (Underwater)


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  1. Really like all the designs! would have been hard pushed to choose a winner!

  2. Wow! Such great entries. I'm thrilled to have been one of the finalists. Congratulations Richard, awesome design!

  3. Congrats Richard! (although I'm late but I haven't seen this before) Yaaay it's so exciting to be on of the finalists!! Thanks OKAT :D

  4. third design is OMG great!!! Can I post it on my website?

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