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Anorak Winners + Summer Reads

by OKAT 4

Anorak Winners + Summer Reads | Doodlers Anonymous

What fun we had on this giveaway. 49 comments and 9 doodle submissions later, we have our winners. Many thanks to ANORAK and to all of you for sharing your favorite summer reads with us.

Drum roll...

The winner of the 4-pack one year subscription to ANORAK magazine is Lisa O'Hara who submitted the beautiful and intricate drawing above along with the words, "My all time favourite book is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. It always conjures up amazing memories of childhood that never change, with every read!" Great work Lisa, many congrats on the win. And our random winner for the Summer '09 cycle issue is Tiffany who said, "Ah, what a great giveaway! Definitely have to go with Ramona Forever (my favorite of all from the Beverly Cleary books!)" You can read everyone's summer picks in the comments of the original post and you'll find the rest of the doodle submissions by our fine readers below (show them some love). And of course, there's another giveaway coming up, so be sure to subscribe to our RSS and twitter feed to be the first to know.

"Attached is my doodle Lowly Worm heads to Doodletown... I actually doodled the town a few days ago, but the Lowly Worm doodle is my nod to Richard Scarry." -- Cheryl Smith

"James and the Giant Peach, that was a fun afternoon exercise... thanks (i need practice)." -- allyson

"Loved this book when I was a kid. Yay Ralph! Thanks, hope I'm not too late." -- Beth C

"Here's my doodle!" -- Sarah Li

"My son's favorite summer read is the Golden Nature Guide to Birds circa 1949. Here is a doodle he did of said bird book, complete with bird stickers affixed. :)" -- Burgin

"My favourite summer read as a child and even now is huck finn :D" -- Sarah Gaunt

Above by Sharon Birch

"A doodle of my favourite summer book. :]" -- Madi


  1. This was a lot of fun. Some great drawings here.

  2. Congratulations Lisa! and Tiffany! This was fun. As always, great doodles!

  3. Thankyou Cheryl, your work is so sweet. I've figured out why it wasn't letting me leave comments, the comma in my name was messing it up somehow... but WOW, great entries, so much good work on here :D

  4. This work makes me smile. Fantastic!

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