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One Last Sketchbook Party!

by Lisa Currie 3

One Last Sketchbook Party! | Doodlers Anonymous

Tomorrow's my last official day in the DA clubhouse and I've forgotten to mention so many fancy ticklers, so I need to cram this post full.

The whole of July I've been throwing images I like into a folder on my desktop called 'Doodlers Sketcho', so here's a quick roll-call of my favorite Flickr sketchbook collections (consume at your own pace, remember to chew, etc)...

Above by c'est pada-s faux.

Above by ooli.

Above by Marinka (marin71).

Above by Jenny M.

Above by mike.juxtavision.

Above by mindbum.

Above by Emma Kidd. That should kick off a nice morning of Flickr lurking. Please remember, when the tea you made gets really cold, it's time to move away from the computer... or get a fresh cup of tea! I'm not sure.

Lisa Currie

We all enjoy a bit of a doodle! That's why we're here. Or maybe you got lost and were searching for a whole other kind of doodle... uh oh. Anyway, hello! My name's Lisa. I'm author of The Scribble Diary, a doodling book to inspire self-reflection. Also my new book is ME, YOU, US to fill out with your friends! Come find me on instagram @scribblediary


  1. It's been lovely reading your blogs. :) Thankyou for the inspiration.

  2. Excellent collection, some very good ideas!

  3. amazing stuff :)

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