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A Little Bit of Morning Cute

by Lisa Currie 5

A Little Bit of Morning Cute | Doodlers Anonymous

If you go gah-gah over kittens drinking milkshakes or puppy's getting tangled in their really long ears, then... well, OK. But I have a nice, sap-free dose of cute for you today!

Madi is a 21 year old illustrator with big dreams of making kids happy. She has a lovely collage style, but it's the character development in her sketchbook that really makes me smile. When I draw new people or creatures, I never think of it as building up a character, shaping their personality with every little color or line. I like the idea of a red cheek instead of a pink one turning a girl from shy to boisterous, or a blue loose ribbon askew saying tom-boy rebellion and a pink ribbon saying something completely different.

For the illustrators or avid drawers, how do you develop your characters? Is it quick and instinctual, going with the first marks you put onto the page? Or do you have a process like Madi? I'm really curious to try something new.

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Lisa Currie

We all enjoy a bit of a doodle! That's why we're here. Or maybe you got lost and were searching for a whole other kind of doodle... uh oh. Anyway, hello! My name's Lisa. I'm author of The Scribble Diary, a doodling book to inspire self-reflection. Also my new book is ME, YOU, US to fill out with your friends! Come find me on instagram @scribblediary


  1. love it!!!!!!!!!

  2. i am a fan of the narative, and i have been trying to write this book, a work of fantasy, for about 8 years now. i find myself getting to know the characters better when i draw them out, and i am able to describe them with more detail when i have a drawing of them in front of me. for the past few years, however, i feel like things have been shifting for me, and i find myself becoming increasingly interested in illustration for childrens books. that, and i am totally stuck at the moment, and i feel a bit of a release when i draw other things beside the serious. i have been drawing up very random things, like a kiwi thinking about ice cream, just letting my brain throw up on paper and getting it all out. interestingly enough, most of it is good stuff, and good excerise for my imagination. i find that doodling random characters also helps me get back to the more serious ones. madi's work makes me smile and reminds me that that i shouldn't be so serious all the time, and shouldn't be so hard on myself (because when i feel i don't draw things good enough, that i am just a crap artist). but doodling is powerful. it can be playful, or serious. it can be a good outlet. i really like this work. it is up lifting, playful, interesting, and inspiring. i really need to finish a children's book before i jump back into hardcore fantasy.

  3. Love all the creatures. Especially the Owls.

  4. love those owls.

  5. lovely

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