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Body Doodle

by OKAT 7

Body Doodle | Doodlers Anonymous

These are not tattoos. These are not even henna tattoos. These are spontaneous and improvised doodles done with a pen or marker while (for the most part) sitting around bored one day. Found via flickr, see and read about them here »

"Got kinda bored earlier so decided i'd doodle on my girlfriends tummy." -- Ross Scrivener

"tried to copy my Government binder. =]" -- Jasmine Jinx

Above by myheartsiiings

"Don't leave a pen close by where Lisa sits, or else..." -- teresia

"i doodle when i get frustrated.." -- g.abby

"drawn by emily on sarah's hand." -- j * photog

"So, yes, this right here is what I did in Math and French today in the afternoon. (c'mon! it was a friday afterNOOOON.....who pays attention in school on a friday afternoon?! GAWSH!)..." -- harkeerat (hakisak) singh

Above (main image) by the beautiful Sam Desantis. Related: Back in October 2008, I posted about the temporary tattoo doodles of Thomas Brodahl.


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  1. Those would be cool as a tattoo though... :)

  2. Unusual but awesome, all the people make all the same tattoos, it is something like tattoo fashion :) the author is so creative :))

  3. very interesting. i have never thought of it as an art formed before, but now that i think of it, i have seen some rather interesting doodles on skin. (i tattooed one of my doodles on my big toe.)

  4. I like this. Brings back happy memories.

  5. i'm always doing this too! will have to get some pictures up

  6. This is amazing!! Love it!

  7. I love them. Great hand-done tattooing. Here's my version: Not exactly the same, but close enough. :-)

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